NeuroArt is a type of art that tries to unite dissimilar parts into a unified whole. NeuroArt combines parts and fragments to build an ideal picture that represents the sum total of a person's life experiences.

The works of NeuroArt provide a connection between the inner and the outer, bringing order to the chaos by connecting it to the cosmos that resides within us. You can relax and feel liberated because of this energy connection.
NeuroArt is the merging of our inner Philosopher, Scientist, Entrepreneur, and Artist. When we take a look around us, we see that there are a rising number of people that investigate their philosophy, develop it through themselves, and then communicate it to others.

Thus, NeuroArt is a universal code that creates real life. Also, you can use this method to permanently put your life on a path that will make the most of its available potential. When we bring together all of the components, we enter the state of the absolute; we experience a sense of being something immense and connected to the entirety of the cosmos.

We draw basic shapes, but within them are profound messages that speak to each of us about the things that are important to us and how we can channel this energy into artistic expression. Т.е. That is to say, the artist's mental energy imbues the work with a life of its own.
The prefix "Neuro" derives from the Latin word neuro, which in turn comes from the ancient Greek word vευρο-. The root vεῦρον can be translated as "vein, ligament, or tendon," which defines the fundamental principle of connectivity that is ingrained in the aesthetic philosophy.

The term "Neuro" also refers to the nervous system. A neuron is a nerve cell that is both structural and functional in the nervous system. Neurons can communicate with one another, forming neural networks and thus images.

The origin of the word "art" can be traced back to the Latin word artem, which means "work of art," "practical skill," "a business," or "a craft."
The aesthetic realm of social life is on the cusp of being able to communicate with a higher power. To be in touch with the aesthetics of spirituality and mysticism, despite having no desire to hold a position of authority within a religion. The goal of NeuroArt is to show that everyone can connect with the divine. This is art that used to be in museums but is now everywhere.
Our art is about a person.
Neuro (from other Greek vεῦρον) — vein, ligament, tendon.
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